22 Apr. 2014|News

GOPAC Calls for Improved Oversight in Management of Development Aid

Ottawa, Canada – The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption 
(GOPAC) is calling for development agencies and parliamentarians to work together to 
improve the management of aid funds, in GOPAC’s latest position paper Improving Oversight 
in the Management of Development Aid, being launched at the World Bank and International 
Monetary Fund Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C. 
“Development aid that is misused and mismanaged hinders economic and social prosperity 
and impedes a government’s ability to support their poorest and most vulnerable citizens,” 
said Dr Donya Aziz, a member of GOPAC’s Parliamentary Oversight Global Task Force. 
“Through this paper and our GOPAC members we are helping to facilitate improved 
engagement and dialogue between parliamentarians and donor agencies for a strong fight 
against corruption.” 
The position paper outlines key measures parliamentarians around the world should take to 
stop the corrupt misuse or theft of aid including: 
• Ensuring that governments spend public funds in accordance with the intended agreed 
purposes and in a way that avoids and deters corruption and misuse of donor funds; 
• Increasing their engagement with donor agencies; 
• Advocating for a transparent and accountable regulatory framework; and 
• Seeking support to strengthen capacity, including pushing for adequate resources. 
The position paper also explores the cost of corruption and how aid agencies view and are 
dealing with issues of corruption. It outlines current international standards and calls attention 
to the Guidelines to Strengthen Oversight through Parliamentarian-Donor Collaboration, 
launched by GOPAC and the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and the International 
Monetary Fund in September 2013. 
A full copy of the paper is available for download on the GOPAC website: PP_GTFPO_EN_WEB.pdf