The 9th MIKTA Speakers' Consultation

"Strengthening Multilateralism, Addressing Intergenerational Challenges"


Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia / Chairperson of the 9th MIKTA Speakers’ Consultation

As the Chairperson of the 9th MIKTA Speakers’ Consultation and on behalf of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR), it is my great pleasure to welcome MIKTA’s Parliamentary Leaders and fellow parliamentarians to Indonesia. Allow me to share that all delegations are our top priority. Our parliament has employed all resources to ensure that our gatherings are well managed, run smoothly, and our meeting’s outcome documents are helpful and contribute to current challenges.

It goes without saying that there are more challenges in the world today than there have ever been. There are numerous reasons why we could be concerned about the current situation. The Sustainable Development Goals, a global framework for addressing our numerous challenges, are yet a long way from reaching their full potential.

In fact, there is still much work to be done to address issues and how of current generation in facing these challenges have significant impact on the livelihood of the future generations. Challenges like unemployment and poverty, hunger and food insecurity, geopolitical polarization, war and refugee influx, inequality and disparity, economic decline, climate catastrophe, lack of access to universal healthcare, widespread corruption, as well as digital divide, possessed intergenerational threats. Intergenerational issues need intergenerational actions which providing ways to cope with uncertainty, dealing with the complexity of world’s problems and including future generations on society’s development and decision-making process.

Under the theme of “Strengthening Multilateralism, Addressing Intergenerational Challenges”, we hope that by harnessing creative and innovative collaboration, MIKTA can address the regional and global challenges, including the intergenerational matters. We envision MIKTA will “act as a force for good in global affairs”, which will step up to be facilitator in global governance that connect the developing and developed countries across continents and to formulate policy recommendation and further to take a comprehensive action on intergenerational issues. Finally, once again, we welcome all to Indonesia, the home of the world’s third-largest democracy. We are awaiting your arrival, and hope that you all have a pleasant stay.


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