26 Jul. 2017|News

Embassy Briefing 13 July 2017

Ambassadors and Representatives of Indonesian friendly countries attended an Embassy Briefing at the Indonesian Parliament Building on Thursday afternoon, July 13, 2017. The Embassy Briefing was held by the Indonesian House of Representatives to reaffirm, through diplomatic missions in Jakarta, the House invitation to parliaments all over the world to join World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development.


Dr. Nurhayati Ali Assegaf, Chairperson of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation, confirmed in her welcoming remarks that Parliament, as the representative of society, has critical roles in determining the success of the SDGs implementation. Therefore, Dr. Nurhayati who serves also as chairperson of SDGs Task Force, expressed her sincere hope that the Parliamentary Forum would establish a cornerstone of sustainable development strategy for parliaments to ensure the smooth implementation of the SDGs.


Meanwhile, Dr. Fadli Zon, House Vice Speaker, who delivered information on the Parliamentary Forum, said that SDGs were indeed important issues, so many countries were expected to attend the first ever conference which would be held on 6-7 September 2017 in Bali. He affirmed that active involvement of Parliament in the issue of sustainable development nowadays was deemed important considering the parliament’s functions to make laws and oversee the implementation of various programs. Furthermore, Dr. Fadli Zon who serves also as chairperson of GOPAC, emphasized that parliament was in the front line of achieving the Goal of Sustainable Development as it played crucial role in complying with the requirements of the Goal through legislation, budgeting and oversight functions.