22 Apr. 2015|News

The PAACC 2015 Will Discuss Substantial Issues for the Future of Asia and Africa

The Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Hon. Setya Novanto, confirmed House’s readiness to hold a Parliamentary Conference to Commemorate 60th Anniversary of Asian - African Conference on Thursday (23/4). One of the main issues will be discussed in the Conference is Palestinian independence.

The Conference that will be attended by 119 delegation from 34 countries could pave the way for the parliamentary involvement especially to enhance the framework of south-south cooperation in global cooperation and to bring peace and prosperity of the world. his conference would also provide a venue to discuss forward the looking solutions to the common emerging challenges faced by Asia and Africa. The other objective of the event is to deliver parliamentary perspectives of Asian-African countries on the Post-2015 Development Agenda and its inter-governmental negotiation.

“In addition, the declaration will reinforce the issue of reform of multilateral institutions, especially the UN and the Security Council as set forth in the New Asian African Strategic Partnership (NAASP) on AAC 2005 to improve equitable representation for the countries of Asia and Africa” sain Hon. Mr. Setya Novanto.

The Declaration will also recognize the aspirations of Asian-African Parliament in supporting the realization of the new global development, The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Now the process of intergovernmental negotiations underway at the United Nations to discuss SDGs with a target approval in September 2015.