23 Apr. 2015|News

House Speaker Urge the Establishment Of The Asian African Parliamentary Forum

Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Hon. Setya Novanto demands the results of the discussion at the Conference of the Asian-African Parliament to be implemented. During his welcome remarks on the Opening of the Parliamentary Conference on Commemoration of the Asian African Conference 2015, he urge the establishment of the Asian Parliamentary Forum Africa.


"It should be concrete cooperation in infrastructure, economy, and energy. Therefore, it is necessary to build an effective communication between the two continents, between the Asian-African Parliament," on, he said at the Parliament Building Nusantara, Jakarta, Thursday (04/23/2015).


He expects Asia Africa Parliamentary Forum could play significant role in the world diplomacy. On, he did not want the results of the Asian-African Parliament conference is just becoming history.


"We are proposing the establishment of the Asian African Parliamentary Forum to make this implementation not only of historical value such as this commemoration without any tangible working program. Participants of the conference wants to see peace prosperity in Asia and Africa," he said.

Parliamentary Conference on Commemoration of the Asian African Conference 2015 was attended by parliamentary delegations from 33 countries. There will be a number of issues were discussed in several sessions today and closed with a gala dinner.


Former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as chairman of the Global Green Growth Institute participated as a keynote speaker in the conference. (Sc)