08 May. 2014|News

GOPAC’s Fight Against Corruption Ever Strong

Ottawa, Canada – The Global Organization for Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) confirmed support to corruption-fighting efforts in Ukraine through cooperation with GOPAC members within the Parliament of Ukraine and providing aid while the country passes through this period of turmoil.

This came through a commitment made during GOPAC’s Executive Committee meeting on 12-13 April, at GOPAC’s headquarters in the Canadian Capital City of Ottawa.

Corruption is a global concern with an estimated annual cost of almost one trillion dollars. GOPAC however continues to be committed to combatting corruption as confirmed by the organization’s Chair Ricardo Garcia Cervantes.

The Executive Committee of GOPAC’s Board of Directors meets once every quarter for follow-up and management discussions. It is presided by GOPAC’s Chair Ricardo Garcia Cervantes and the members include Vice Chair Hon. Osei Kyei-Bonsu, Ghana, Secretary Mary King, Trinidad and Tobago, Treasurer John Hyde, Australia, and Member-at-Large and Chair of Management Committee Dr Naser Al Sane, Kuwait.

Dr Al Sane said that parliamentarians all over the world must verify that their country’s governments are applying the rules and regulations stipulated in the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) if their countries are signatories of this convention.

The implementation of the UNCAC and application of its articles is the shortest and fastest way of combatting corruption, said Dr Al Sane. He added corruption is devouring the wealth of nations unwearyingly; hence, GOPAC works with legislators in countries around the world to ensure proper implementation of the convention.

GOPAC is pursuing a number of projects at current. Perhaps the most important of which is an international campaign with parliamentarians and international partners to encourage states, the United Nations and international institutions to recognize crimes of grand corruption as being crimes against humanity.