12 Aug. 2014|News

GOPAC Pushes Anti-Corruption Measures at Post-2015 Consultations​

Ottawa, Canada – GOPAC Mongolia member the Honourable Oyun Sanjaasuren, Minister of Environment and Green Development in Mongolia, and GOPAC Oceania Chair John Hyde played strong roles in the United Nations (UN) Asia-Pacific Regional Consultation on Post 2015 Accountability.

Ms Sanjaasuren, a founding member of GOPAC Mongolia, was elected by member nations to chair this week's major consultation at the 70th Session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

“Mongolian parliamentarians recognised the importance of their role in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and adopted an additional national MDG on strengthening human rights and anti-corruption,” said Ms Sanjaasuren in her opening address  while chairing the Regional Consultation on Post-2015 Accountability at the UN regional headquarters in Bangkok.

“It is important that the parliament is monitoring and reporting every two years on the MDGs, with five reports tabled and our Parliament holds public hearings to review the targets and measureable indicators,” said Ms Sanjaasuren.

GOPAC Oceania Chair John Hyde speaking in a session on Regional Platforms for Accountability said:

"A crucial role for national parliamentarians is to hold their governments to account and provide every opportunity for their constituents, through civil society and the media, to have access to the new accountability system."