16 Okt. 2015|News

GOPAC Members Call for Stronger Measures to Bring Perpetrators of Grand Corruption to Justice at International Anti-Corruption Conference

Ottawa, Canada – Members of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) call for stronger measures to bring perpetrators of grand corruption to justice, at the close of the Sixth Global Conference of Parliamentarians Against Corruption in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

“To deter and fight corruption, particularly grand corruption, the world needs strong international mechanisms and cooperation,” said GOPAC Vice-Chair Osei Kyie-Mensah-Bonsu. “Over the past three days, our parliamentarians have worked together across borders to bring perpetrators of these crimes to justice.”

GOPAC members adopted the Yogyakarta Declaration, which lays out GOPAC's commitments for the coming years. Among these commitments, our members resolved to:

  • Express full support and solidarity with the newly adopted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular Goal 16 on corruption and good governance;
  • Call for the appointment of an United Nations Special Rapporteur on the impact of corruption on human rights, focusing on grand corruption and its impact on socio-economic and political rights; and
  • Endorse the use of legal actions to pursue perpetrators of grand corruption, and stress the need to strengthen international cooperation in facilitating the return of stolen assets to the victims of corruption.

GOPAC also welcomed its new Chair, His Excellency Fadli Zon, Deputy Speaker and Member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia. Mr Zon also serves as Chair of GOPAC’s national chapter in Indonesia.

“Through integrity and dedication, I am committed to strengthening GOPAC and to leading GOPAC in carrying out its noble vision to achieve accountability, empower parliamentarians in their cause to bring grand corruption into justice and eliminate political corruption,” said H.E Fadli Zon. “I will also continue the work of GOPAC in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and international instruments on anti-corruption, in particular the UNCAC.”

GOPAC is a worldwide alliance of parliamentarians working together to combat corruption, strengthen good government, and uphold the rule of law. Based in Ottawa, Canada, GOPAC has 57 national chapters on 5 continents. GOPAC supports its members’ efforts through original research, global anti‑corruption capacity building, and international peer support. Visit GOPAC on the web at, on Twitter at, and on Facebook