Ancol Dream Land

11 Apr. 2018 | Page

Ancol Dream Land

The idea of establishing the Art Market in the area of Ancol was born of the need to encourage the spirit of creative work and for the artists, in addition to building bridges between artists and the public appreciation. Until 1979, the art market has 110 stalls over the unit held a variety of goods produced arts, crafts and souvenirs: ranging from paintings, sculptures, carvings and reliefs to the handicrafts made of brass, wood, rattan, bamboo, pottery, skin, horns and ceramics. No less interesting is the collection of weaving and batik fabrics, as well as accessories made from stones, pearls and shells. The artists create sculptures and reliefs with medium wood, stone, cement or collage to be held here, while among artisans produced carvings Jepara and Bali, wayang golek, wayang kulit, and paper mask.


Painting Art

Jakarta has so many places to go, but if you want to see a wide variety of interesting paintings, just come to the region precisely the Art Market in Ancol (Pasar Seni Ancol), North Jakarta area. In this region there are dozens of stalls selling various kinds of paintings. This place stood since February 28, 1975 and become one of the largest art galleries in the center of the world. Currently the region under the auspices of the local government of Jakarta. This place was once the star in the 1980 – 1990s. Types of paintings sold here consists of various streams. Such as Decorative, Impressionist, Abstract, also Calligraphy. Each artist has a different flow in the paint. So don’t be surprised if in each stall displaying and selling paintings kind of different. In addition, you also can see the artist paint directly on the canvas. The price of a painting seen from its size. The minimum sale price is Rp 2,500,000 to tens of millions. You can also have a caricature painted face. It also sold crafts art form of Balinese statues and carvings.


Puppets Art

Puppet is part of traditional Indonesian art. There are various types of puppets, such as Marionette Puppet (wayang golek) and  Shadow Puppet (wayang kulit). Well , if you want to buy a shadow puppet in Ancol area, here’s only one store in the area that is in Block A 11 Pasar Seni Ancol Dreamland in North Jakarta. The stall is large enough so that the various types of leather that can be displayed in full view. 

Ingredients to make the Shadow Puppet derived from buffalo leather. Craftsmen create the pattern on the porters and slicing them with a tool called Ganden and of course using a chisel. Once completed, the puppets in paint with watercolors. It took a long time to make it about a week. Keep in mind, to take care of Wayang Kulit is not very difficult, just placed in a cabinet or chest and not be exposed to water. Therefore the Puppet lasts many hundreds of years.

There are also wall hangings made of leather. The difference is, the leather used comes from goats. Usually in the middle of the wall hangings painted pictures like animals or even photos. The price is Rp. 350,000. Craft Calligraphy made of leather are also sold here.

The atmosphere here is quite deserted, visitors usually are among the foreign tourists who buy to serve as a souvenir.

Pasar Seni located at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Blok A11 Jakarta Utara 14420