the Excom Meeting AIPA and the 9th AIFOCOM

27 Jun. 2012 | Page

About Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is an executive body under the direction of the General Assembly. The membership of the Executive Committee comprises 3 parliamentarians from each Member Parliament, one of whom shall be the Speaker or his representative. The President of AIPA is the chairman of the Executive Committee. The chairman has the power to convene a meeting of the Executive Committee at such place and time as he/she deems necessary.

Based on Article 17 of the AIPA Statutes, the powers and functions of the Executive Committee are as follows :

  • to consider and recommend membership in AIPA and the participation of Special Observers and Observers;
  • to develop new initiatives for AIPA activities;
  • to monitor the implementation of resolutions approved by the General Assembly;
  • to prepare the agenda and program as proposed by member of Parliaments for the approval of the General Assembly;
  • to propose the setting up of standing, study and ad hoc committees whenever necessary;
  • to direct, monitor and supervise the Permanent Secretariat;
  • to recommend the appointment of the staff of the Permanent Secretariat; and
  • to formulate its own rules of procedure.