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Frequently Asked Questions

Organizational Committee

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Tentative Programme of the 7th Session of the PUIC Conference and other related meetings

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Conference Centre

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Liaison Officer

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Interpretation arrangements

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Secretariat of Meeting

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Bilateral meetings arrangements

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Medical support

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Health Regulation

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Information for Advance Teams

Delegation wishes to make advance team to Palembang/Jakarta is welcome on 23rd January, 2012. Visits of the Advance Teams at any other time are not envisaged. Advance Teams are recommended to be consisting of three persons: representatives of Protocol, Security and Press services. In case there are more persons in the team, only three representatives from each delegation will be able to participate in the programme. The following information should be sent to the Organizational committee by 24 November, 2011, Tel. No. +6221 5715841/813, Fax No: +6221 5732132, e-mail:, composition of the Advance Team, arrival and departure details and contacts (phone, fax and e-mail). Transportation for the Advance Teams will be arranged to visit the 7th Session of the PUIC Conference venues, hotels, airport, motorcade routes, etc. Advance Teams members are required to contact the hotels directly for booking the necessary number of rooms. The Host Country will not cover the expenses on accommodation, transportation, including transfer from and to airport of Jakarta and Palembang.







Programme of the visit of the Advance Teams



23rd January 2012

10.00 Hours

-     Arrival of the Advance Teams to Aryaduta Hotel, Venue of the 7th Session Session of the PUIC Conference and other related meetings


10.00-11.00 Hours

-     Briefing at the Organizational committee


11.00-12.00 Hours

-     Visit to the meeting rooms


12.00-13.30 Hours

-     Lunch


13.30-15.30 Hours

-     Visit to the hotels (Aston Hotel, Horison Hotel, and Novotel Hotel)


15.30-16.30 Hours

-     Visit to the airport of Palembang



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Useful information



The weather in Palembang is almost always hot and sticky. Average maximum temperatures stay above 30°C (86°F) throughout the year.




Palembang time zone : GMT + 7 hours










Prayer room & Prayer times


The prayer room will operate at the Ground floor of the Lobby Aryaduta Hotel.
















Banking Service


National Bank is located at the next hotel lobby.


Currency Exchange


There is no restriction on currency exchange. Although Indonesian banks and money changers deal in almost all currencies, it is advisable to bring notes or traveler’s cheques in the major currencies.


The currency in Indonesia is Rupiah (Rp), which consist of notes (1,000; 5,000; 10,000; 20,000; 50,000; 100,000) and coins (100; 200; 500 and 1000). The exchange rate in September 2011 is approximately Rp. 8,800 per US$ 1.


All major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners) are widely accepted

Telephone Service


Telephone services are available in hotels, restaurants and cafes. Pre-paid mobile telephone cards are available at hotels and local cellular shop.


Dialing is as follows:

  • Local calls: dial the number directly;
  • Long-distance calls within Indonesia: dial the area code (for Palembang - 0711) + the number;
  • International calls: dial the international direct dial access (001 or 008) + country code + area code + number.


To call Indonesia from abroad, dial the international direct dial access + country code (62) + area code (for Palembang - 711) + number. When calling from abroad, the 0 prefix of the area code should not be dialed.


Emergency numbers


+62711 312011                             Fire emergency

+62711-513334 / 510455          Police

118                                                     Ambulance service

108                                                     Information




Voltage of the alternating current comprises 220 – 230 V with 50Hz frequency, the Sockets of the European standards have two round pin contacts.

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