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The Indonesian House of Representatives

Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia (DPR-RI) is referred to as the Indonesian House of Representatives. The DPR-RI is one of elected national legislative assembly in Indonesia.

The DPR-RI has three main functions, legislative, budgeting and oversight. It draws up and passes laws of own as well discussing and approving government regulations in lieu of law .

There are Eleventh Commissions whose duties are among other deliberate matters related to their areas of responsibility and formulate bills for submission to the plenary session of the House. The Commissions could summon the President or Ministers, and listen to public opinions.

The Commissions and areas of responsibility are:

* Commission I                  : Defense, Foreign Affairs and Information

* Commission II                 : Domestic Governance, Regional Autonomy, State

 Apparatus and Agrarian Affairs

* Commission III               : Legal Affairs and Laws, Human Rights and Security

* Commission IV              : Agriculture, Plantations, Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Food

* Commission V               : Transport, Telecommunications, Public Works, Public Housing,

                Village Development and Disadvantaged Area

   * Commission VI              : Trade, Industry, Investment, Cooperatives, Small and Medium

                Businesses and State-owned Companies

   * Commission VII             : Energy, Natural Mineral Resources, Research and Technology,

                the Environment

   * Commission VIII            : Religion, Social Affairs, the Empowerment of Women

                * Commission IX              : Demographic Affairs, Health, Manpower and Transmigration

                * Commission X               : Education, Youth Affairs, Sports, Tourism, Art and Culture

                * Commission XI              : Finances, National Development Planning, Banking and Non-bank

          Financial Institutions

The DPR RI has also permanent Complementary Organs to support and optimize the implementation of the function, duties and authority of the House. The Complementary Organs of the House are included the Legislation Council, the Steering Committee, the Ethic Committee, the Household Committee, and the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation.

   All the information of the Indonesian House of Representatives please check the link below www.dpr.go.id