06 Jul. 2012|News

Country Progress Report of Myanmar


Policy and strategies on narcotic drugs

  1. Since the narcotic drug is not the problem for a single nation and a single race, but being the menace for the entire mankind of the world to ruin all the people, Myanmar had endeavored designated as national cause and duty in successive eras.


  1. The 15-Year Narcotics Elimination Plan has been laid down since 1999-2000 for the emergence of peaceful, tranquil, modernized and developed drug free nation and reduction of opium poppy cultivation. The plan was divided into the (3) five year phases and implemented year by year projects and the plan will be ended in the year 2013-2014. The following strategies, tactics and techniques were adopted and carried to obtain the achievement of the works on combating against narcotic drugs posed as the danger for the entire mankind.

Two Strategies

  • The designation of narcotic drugs as a national duty and comprehensive implementation of that strategy
  • The development and enhancement of the standard of living of the national races in the border areas and total eradication of opium cultivation

Three Tactics

  • Supply Elimination
  • Demand Elimination
  • Law Enforcement

Three Techniques

  • To uplift, improve and change the morale, perception and belief of drug users , poppy growers and drug producers 
  • To secure smooth and easy transportation and communications between the nationals residing in highland areas and those in mainland
  • To uplift the economic and social life of the national races residing in the border areas.
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