06 Jul. 2012|News

Country Progress Report of Indonesia



  1. Abuse and illegal traficking  of narcotics poses a serious  threat for the longevity and cultural values of the Indonesian people, and can eventually weaken the nation's resilience. Therefore, to prevent and eradicate illegal drug traficking and drug abuse in Indonesia, Law Number 22 year 1997 regarding narcotics regulation for the eradication of criminal acts of narcotics through criminal punishment, has been amended.


  1. Drug crimes indicate a trend that has increased both quantitatively and qualitatively with more victims, particularly among the youths. Narcotics crimes are no longer committed individually, but collectively, and form organized syndicates with broad networks that work clandestinely both domestically and internationally.


  1. In order to step up prevention and eradication of criminal acts of narcotics, the Indonesian Government amanded Law No. 22 year 1997 regarding Narcotics with Law No. 35 year 2009 regarding Narcotics signed by the President on October 12, 2009. This law established the Indonesian National Narcotics Board (Badan Narkotika Nasional Republik Indonesia) as an independent law enforcement agency, also in charge for prevention, community empowerment, treatment and rehabilitation and alternative development.
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