[Chairperson of the House Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Fadli Zon speaks in an interview after the ASEAN +3 meeting, a side event on the 144th Assembly of the IPU held in Nusa Dua, Bali, Sunday (20/3/2022). Photo: Agung/nvl]


Chairperson of the House Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation, Fadli Zon said at the ASEAN +3 meeting, it was agreed upon that the Indonesian House would become a member of the drafting committee of the Russia-Ukraine peace resolution. The resolution, according to Zon, will be presented before the Asia Pacific meeting set to take place this afternoon.


"We (the Indonesian House) are the main sponsors (of the Russia-Ukraine emergency item). We are the ones who endorsed it and will propose it to the world parliaments," asserted Zon after attending the ASEAN +3 meeting, which was held on the sidelines of the 144th Assembly of the IPU in Nusa Dua, Bali, Sunday (20/3/2022).


Zon maintained that the emergency item could be an alternative solution to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Similarly, European countries have developed an emergency item on Russia's aggression against Ukraine.


"I don't think it's the concern of parliaments, so this is what we believe we can propose to help resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict. We are focusing more on finding solutions," he explained.


World parliaments, Zon continued, make a significant impact on world peace. As representatives of the people, Members of Parliament have the rights to voice public concerns and express opinions accordingly.


"But of course no solution can come out of finger-pointing. What we want is to build a bridge between communities and come up with solutions to these conflicts. For that, we propose to promote the role of parliaments," he concluded. (es/agl)