[Vice Chairperson of BKSAP Putu Supadma Rudana. Photo: Jaka/nvl]


Vice Chairperson of the House Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation (BKSAP), Putu Supadma Rudana, reaffirmed the committee's commitment as the advocate of Indonesia's national interests in every international forum. This year, Indonesia has the opportunity to host the G20 State Parliamentary Forum or P20 in October 2022. The forum, Rudana believes, could be a momentum for the recovery of Indonesia's economy, as well as the revival of other sectors, which have been severely hit by COVID-19 over the last couple of years.


Indonesia and its vast hospitality industry potentials, diverse commodities, and local wisdoms, has a strategic interest in promoting itself in international forums such as the P20. Rudana emphasized that the crucial part of the upcoming P20 would be the collective hard work of Indonesian Parliamentarians in advancing Indonesian national interests, facilitated by BKSAP as the spearhead of parliamentary diplomacy.


"In P20, we're also going to raise the issue of climate change, in which Indonesia has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving its capacity to respond to climate change. For this reason, we hope that the contribution of developed countries through the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to help developing countries like Indonesia can be optimized through diplomacy," Rudana said in an interview for Parlementaria in Bogor, West Java, Thursday (19/5/2022).


The Democrat Party politician also added that BKSAP recently held the 144th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Bali, which was attended by 115 countries. At the event, the House Committee also advocated for commitments towards global agreements, including the world parliaments' commitment towards zero emission. Indonesia in this regard is looking to aspire other countries through its green energy and green economy policy, which has taken place in several regions.


“Through the BKSAP Task Force during the IPU Assembly, for instance, we shared our views with the launch of the green economy book. Our concept of local wisdoms have been proven in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We recognize the concepts of Tri Hita Karana, the Subak Irrigation System, and Nyepi or the Silence Day. I hope these local wisdoms can inspire and be replicated globally to stay in line with the SDGs and to respond to climate change," Rudana argued.


The Bali constituency legislator also stated that in the future Indonesia will host the Indo-Pacific Parliament. Rudana sees regional interparliamentary forums as vital to safeguarding Indonesia's interests against potential conflicts of interest such as military tensions and separatist agendas propagated by other countries aimed at dividing the unity of Indonesia. "It should be well understood by the Pacific countries that Indonesia is truly committed to developing its eastern region as it gears up towards becoming the leading economy in the region," concluded the member of the House Commission VI on industry, investment, and fair business competition. (jk/sf/agl)