Israeli forces Thursday (26/1) attacked the Jenin refugee camp and killed at least 10 Palestinians, and injured several others. Chair of the House Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation, Dr. Fadli Zon, strongly condemned the attack.


He made the statement during the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States forum in Algiers, Algeria, Thursday (26/1/2023). He said the attack on Jenin Refugee Camp was heartbreaking and cruel.


"We condemn it in the strongest terms. The international community must immediately stop Israel's inhumane and heinous, and vile actions. The UN Security Council should stop just criticizing but watch the ongoing hostility. Indeed, the Western world should stop its double standards and hypocrisy regarding the massacre of Palestinians by Israel," he said.


The Chair went on to say, "The attack on a refugee camp is clearly leading to genocide. Israel aims to make Palestine extinct. It is not just a massacre. Again, this is no doubt a genocide. To make it more heartbreaking, among the victims was reportedly a 61-year-old woman."


Dr. Fadli Zon, the Vice President of the League of Parliamentarians for Al Quds and member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Committee on Democracy and Human Rights, supports the Palestinian Authority to end security cooperation with Israel in Jenin.


"This is the time for the Palestinian Authority to be more independent, courageous as well as united, especially after the Algerian Declaration regarding reconciliation between Palestinian factions," he added.


Dr. Fadli Zon is also concerned that the future of peace through a two-state solution is increasingly being threatened because of Israel's current radical right-wing regime.


"The world should know that Israel's National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, continues to grant Israeli forces, who have attacked Palestinians, impunity. He has even posted videos of himself next to the Israeli police chief, beaming with joy and pride after the attack. I am absolutely sickened by this," he said.


It is imperative to ensure accountability for all human rights violations conducted by Israel, including through the International Court of Justice, and to garner international support to pressure Israel to abide by international law. (hal/rdn-mut)